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Have your settlement agreement checked for free by an experienced employment specialist from Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven. On average, we have achieved more than 90% more compensation after negotiation compared to the employer’s first proposal.

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 Negotiating the content of a settlement agreement is not a daily job for most employees. For us, it is. We know exactly what to look out for and we are happy to assist you. Be advised on the content and avoid any bad surprises afterwards. We make sure you get what you’re entitled to. Interested? Then do the dismissal check first and upload the necessary documents. 

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Our service 3 simple steps

1) Intake

Submit your resignation proposal for an initial analysis. The first check is completely free. If the conditions can be optimized you will be advised accordingly.

2) Assesment

We negotiate better dismissal terms in 90% of cases. Do not accept the first dismissal proposal. First submit the proposal to Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven.

3) Costs

In 80% of situations, the costs are reimbursed by the employer. No coverage by the employer for legal advice? Then we make a fair price agreement.

Legal costs on advice employee settlement agreement

The agreement will be drawn up primarily by your employer and, of course, it is mainly based on its interests. We make sure that sufficient attention is paid to your interests. The reimbursement of legal costs is often part of the negotiation and most employers agree. Either way, you always benefit from our work. It all starts with a free check.

What can we do for you?!

The settlement agreement will be drawn up by the employer in the first instance, who will of course be primarily concerned with his interests. We ensure that sufficient attention is also paid to your interests. We will look at whether a higher severance payment is possible and whether there are any agreements that will restrict you in the future. Is your settlement agreement UWV – proof so you can apply for unemployment benefits? Find out and do the dismissal check.

Prefer advice or a question?

Do you have a question for us about the settlement agreement, unemployment benefits, severance pay or any other question about work and income?

We are used to moving quickly. If you wish, you will have an assessment of the dismissal proposal within 24 hours. Would you like to know more about our working method? Then please fill in the contact form.

PS: We are also at your service in the event of dismissal. No unpleasant surprises, but clear commitments.

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