Specialist in mediation, negotiation & litigation

Employment contract

We are specialists in assessing the validity of relationship/ competition clauses, among others. Have your employment contract assessed by us.

Sickness & reintegration

Do you have questions about illness, obligations under the Reintegration Act or preventing wage sanctions? We gladly inform you about the obligations in reintegration.

Settlement Agreement

Need help with dismissal via a settlement agreement? We negotiate a higher severance payment for you. You can calculate the transition fee with our calculator.

Labour law advice

Short lines and a clear language. That is what you can expect at Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven! We work fast and are in close contact with our clients. We do not lose sight of the human side of things either. Employment law is a people business. We are known for our involvement and personal approach. We also realise that the best solution in one case is not necessarily the best solution in another. Always customized. We provide legal assistance and mediation in matters such as contracts, dismissals and sick leave. Our employment lawyers support and advise you at various times to achieve the best result.

How others experience our services

I have been helped very professionally and quickly by Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven. Also the contact was very pleasant.

Very pleasant communication, experienced trust and support and explanation in clear language.

L. Barkema

Professional and personally involved. Good insight and flexible in both availability and price agreement.

P. de Linden

Also need help from an employment law specialist?

Do you have questions about your contract, rights or obligations? Do you want to know exactly what to pay attention to when entering into a contract? Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven advises employees and employers on entering into an employment contract. We are also happy to assist you in case of dismissal. No unpleasant surprises, but clear agreements in advance.