Employment contract

Often, employment contracts are not important until a contract is terminated.
Have your employment contract reviewed in advance or let us help you in the event of an employment conflict.

Rights and obligations within an employment contract

You are about to sign an employment contract with your employer. But do you know what rights, duties and other important issues are involved? Not only for employees, but also for employers, certain things are important when it comes to preparing and getting a contract signed. We are happy to look with you and make sure there are no unpleasant surprises afterwards. In fact, errors in the contract can have major consequences. We help draft and review agreements for business owners. We also critically review for employees whether the proposed contract is legally correct and what the consequences might be.

Employment contract

Legal advice and guidance on entering into and/or terminating an employment contract, fixed-term or indefinite-term employment contract. We always negotiate the best terms for you.

Illness & reintegration

Long-term illness can be very unpleasant for both employee and employer. Our employment lawyer will discuss the case, study all the documents and assess your situation. Professional guidance on reintegration.

Settlement Agreement

Of course, it can happen: your employer wants to end the employment relationship and has offered a settlement agreement. As unpleasant as that is, adequate preparation is important.

Fixed term contract

The fixed-term employment contract is, logically, the opposite of the indefinite-term employment contract. It is also called a temporary contract. This contract involves a temporary partnership between employee and employer. In principle, a fixed-term contract cannot be terminated prematurely without a valid reason. In 2020, the cycle system is extended to 3 contracts in 3 years. So 36 months instead of 24.

Indefinite term contract

The indefinite employment contract means that employee and employer will work together for an indefinite period of time. This is also called a permanent contract or permanent employment. A fixed contract has no predetermined end date and therefore cannot simply expire or be terminated. To unilaterally terminate an open-ended contract, your employer must have an urgent reason, you will be fired on the spot. It is also possible to have the contract dissolved through the UWV or the subdistrict court.

How do we work?

We would like to get to know you and you, of course, would like to know who we are. You can! We’ll find out soon enough if we can offer you what you expect. Our employment specialists would be happy to welcome you for an initial consultation.

Legal advice is not a simple push of a button. It is the result of an accurate inventory of your needs and options. We take the time to discuss all the important aspects with you. Our employment specialists will take the time to discuss this in detail during the first meeting. This conversation is completely non-binding. You’re not tied to anything!

Once it feels right and we can serve you well, we will send you a suitable proposal. We always base the advice process on your goals and capabilities. In this regard, we attach more importance to a realistic approach than to the creation of excessively high expectations. Can you feel comfortable with this? Then we will actively engage in support. That is the principle of our clear legal services.

From this moment on, we will take care of you. We dive into your employment issue from A to Z and make sure it is handled quickly and properly. The active working method we use has now proven itself widely. Feel free to take a look at our reviews on the Internet.

Before, during and after the advisory process, we are your point of contact. For a very long time, in fact, our cooperation has resulted in exclusively satisfied customers. We take that one extra step that makes all the difference in many cases. Your case is in good hands with us.

On-call contract

The on-call contract is a contract where the employer can call the employee when needed. This is also called a zero-hours contract, min-max contract or flexible work contract. These different titles of on-call agreements often have different terms as well. Unlike a permanent and temporary contract, an employee with an on-call contract is not always entitled to continued payment of wages during illness. With an on-call contract, you work only when your employer hires you. So you don’t have a fixed monthly salary.

Agency Agreement

The agency contract is the only contract that involves three parties: the agency, employee and hirer. In this process, the employee is thus employed by the agency (the temporary employment agency) while being made available to the hirer under its supervision. In this case, the agency has the obligation to pay the wages. In addition, the hirer, provides the worker with guidance and work instructions. In a agency contract, both the employee and the employer have more rights and obligations as the duration of the cooperation progresses. This is also called the phase system.

Labor law advice

Do you have questions about your contract, rights or obligations? Want to know exactly what to look for when entering into a contract? Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven advises employees and employers when entering into an employment contract. We are also happy to assist you in the event of dismissal. No unpleasant surprises, but clear agreements.

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