Questions about an employment contract? Then please contact Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven. We advise employees (and employers) when entering into an employment contract about the content of a fixed-term or indefinite employment contract, so that clear agreements are made and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards. Do you have a question about your contract or another employment law issue? Fill in the contact form directly or ask your question via Whatsapp or call 040-3035113

Employment contract

Legal advice and guidance when entering into or terminating an employment contract, fixed-term contract or contract of indefinite duration. We always negotiate the best conditions for you.


Long-term illness can be very unpleasant for both employee and employer. Our employment lawyer will discuss the matter with you, study all documents and assess your situation.


It can of course happen: your employer wants to end the employment relationship, or you have to dismiss an employee. And however annoying that may be, you'd better be prepared for it.

Employment contract, rights and obligations

If you are about to sign an employment contract with your employer, there are a number of things to look out for. For employers, too, there are certain things that are important when drawing up and having a contract signed. We will be happy to look with you to ensure that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards. Errors in the contract can have major consequences for both employee and employer. We help you draw up and check agreements for entrepreneurs. We also critically examine for employees whether the proposed contract is legally correct and what the possible consequences are. Do you not know exactly what to look out for when checking an employment contract? Then call us immediately

Good employment advice

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Fixed-term employment contract

The fixed-term contract is, logically, the opposite of the open-ended contract. It is also called a temporary contract. This contract is a temporary collaboration between employee and employer. In principle, a fixed-term contract cannot be terminated prematurely without a valid reason. In 2020, the chain scheme will be extended to 3 contracts in 3 years. So 36 months instead of 24.

Contract for an indefinite period

The employment contract for an indefinite period of time, also known as a permanent contract or permanent employment contract, implies that the employee and the employer will work together for an indefinite period of time. A permanent contract does not have a predetermined end date and can therefore not simply expire or be terminated. To terminate a permanent contract unilaterally, your employer must have an urgent reason (instant dismissal), or have the contract terminated via the UWV or the subdistrict court.

How we work...

We would like to get to know you and of course you want to know who we are. We will find out soon enough if we can offer you what you expect. Our employment advisers will be happy to welcome you for an initial consultation.

Legal advice is not a simple push of a button, but the result of a thorough inventory of your wishes and possibilities. We list important aspects together with you. The employment lawyer will take the time to do this in the first introductory meeting, which is always completely free of charge and without obligation. You are not attached to anything!

If it ‘clicks’ between you and the employment lawyer and we can be of good service to you, you will receive a suitable proposal from us. We always base the advisory process on your goals and possibilities. We attach more importance to a realistic approach than to creating too high expectations. If you are in agreement with this, then we will proceed with the advice and guidance energetically. That is the starting point of our clear legal services. 

From this moment on, we relieve you of your worries and make sure that everything is taken care of from start to finish. We handle your labour issue quickly and well. This active way of working has more than proved itself in the meantime. 

Before, during and after the advisory process, we would like to be your point of contact. For a long time now, our cooperation has only resulted in satisfied customers. For our customers, we take that one extra step that makes all the difference in many things. Your case is in good hands with us.

On-call contract of employment

The on-call contract, also known as a zero-hours contract, min-max contract or flexible employment contract, is a contract whereby the employer can call the employee when needed. Within the on-call agreements there are different types of contracts. For example, the zero-hours contract has different conditions than the min-max contract. Contrary to the permanent contract and the temporary contract, an employee with a on-call contract is not always entitled to continued payment of wages in case of illness. With a on-call contract, you only work if your employer calls you, so you do not have a fixed monthly salary. 

Agency worker employment contract

The temporary employment contract is the only contract in which three parties are involved: the broadcaster, employee and hirer. This means that the employee is employed by the broadcaster (the temporary employment agency) while it is made available to the hirer under its supervision. In this case, the sender is obliged to pay the wages, and the hirer provides the employee with management and working instructions. In the case of a temporary employment contract, both the employee and the employer have more rights and obligations as the duration of the cooperation progresses. This is also called the phase system.

Questions about your contract?

Do you have questions about your contract, rights or obligations? Would you like to know exactly what to look out for when entering into a contract? Employment law advisor Eindhoven advises employees when entering into an employment contract, so that clear agreements are made and you will not be faced with any surprises. Fill in the contact form directly or ask your question via Whatsapp or call 040-3035113