What are your rights in a reorganization?

Can you be reinstated in another position within the company or is dismissal unavoidable?

Reorganisation dismissal

What are your rights in a reorganisation? There is a lot on your mind when you receive the announcement that the company has to reorganize. Whether you already sensed that the economy was not doing as well or it comes as a surprise, you will have many questions. Can you be reinstated in another position within the company or is dismissal unavoidable? We will be happy to inform you about the legal consequences of a reorganization.

Employment contract

Legal advice and guidance on entering into and/or terminating an employment contract, fixed-term or indefinite-term employment contract. We always negotiate the best terms for you.

Illness & reintegration

Long-term illness can be very unpleasant for both employee and employer. Our employment lawyer will discuss the case, study all the documents and assess your situation. Professional guidance in reintegration.

Settlement agreement

Of course it can happen: your employer wants to end the employment relationship and has offered a settlement agreement. As unpleasant as that is, good preparation is important.

Conditions of reorganization

There are a number of strict conditions that the reorganization must meet. The company must demonstrate that there is an economic reason why your job will disappear. In doing so, the principle of “age distribution” must be applied properly. The company must also check whether the dismissal can be prevented by re-employment in another suitable position.

Collective dismissals in the event of reorganization

A collective dismissal in the case of a reorganization is when more than 20 employees are dismissed within a period of 3 months. It does not matter how the company fires you, whether it is through the uwv, the courts or by mutual agreement through a settlement agreement. The company must adhere to the legal rules for collective dismissal. One condition is that the company notifies the UWV and the trade unions.

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Settlement agreement in case of reorganization

If dismissal is unavoidable, the company will generally offer a settlement agreement. This is often part of the reorganisation if re-employment in another job is not possible. In this way, the company avoids having to request a dismissal permit from the uwv. How much is the severance pay you are entitled to? The company often contributes to the costs of legal advice. Present your dismissal proposal to a labor law specialist of Arbeidsjurist Eindhoven.

Advice for employees during reorganization

Do you have questions about reorganization? Would you like to know exactly what to expect during a reorganization? We are also at your service in the event of dismissal. No unpleasant surprises, but clear agreements.